Computing Curriculum

Computing Curriculum Overview

At St Thomas More Primary School, we intend to provide an ICT rich environment which allows pupils to gain the confidence and ability to equip them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

We aspire for pupils to become independently ‘digitally literate’; use ICT confidently in everyday situations; have a secure knowledge of ICT applications; have the ability to use this knowledge and understanding to carry out a range of computing tasks across the curriculum; become resilient during problem solving and most importantly use it safely, respectfully and responsibly.

To view our Pupil Questionnaire on Computing, please click on the link below.


Computing Curriculum 3III
Computing Curriculum: Skills ladder
Computing Curriculum Drivers

Parent guidance

Presented below are some videos to support the learning and teaching of computing at home. The units covered are; music making, game creator and coding.

The videos are designed for a number of different reasons:

  • If you are new to the topic and wanted to explore at home
  • If you wanted to continue something you learned in school at home and needed a reminder on how to use the program
  • To help children explain and show their parents what they have been learning in computing
  • To help parents support their children in their computing

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 6th February we took part in Safer internet day.

  • EYFS- Looked at changes in every day life and related these to technology.
  • Y1- Explored how different technology has changed over time and thought about what they
    wanted for their future.
  • Y2- Read a story and created a story board. The story was about how being online makes us
    feel and what we can do to stay safe.
  • Y3- Looked at how the internet influences us and whether it has a positive or negative impact.
  • Y4- Looked at 'tech through time'. They discussed the similarities and differences and then design their own technology and thought about how it would advance.
  • Y5- Looked at how technology design can influence peoples choices and thought of ways that
    people could use to manage the influence.
  • Y6- Looked at Artificial intelligence and had a debate to consider how it may change peoples
    lives now and the in future.

The digital leaders also hosted an online safety games club at lunch time on the 6th- lots of fun was had by all!