RE Curriculum

RE Curriculum 

At St. Thomas More, we are a Catholic family who follow the teachings of Jesus and strive to be like him. We learn from the Gospel values and are living embodiment of them.

We strive to create an environment where all members respect and uphold our values of happiness, confidence, resilience, respect, compassion, ambition and faith.  By believing in these values children will become great learners and reach their true potential and equipment them with the necessary skills to carry on their journey after life at St Thomas More.

Our School works closely with our local Parish of St Simon Stock and our Parish Priest, Father Pawel, who is involved in our spiritual life at St Thomas More.

Religious Education is not just taught in class rooms but is incorporated in our everyday school life and all areas of the curriculum.

At St Thomas More we follow "The Way, the Truth and the Life” scheme which is supported by the Diocese. It allows children to learn about the Catholic faith in a range of ways and allows them to relate this to their own lives and builds in time for the children to reflect.

As a school we celebrate Masses, Liturgies and Assemblies throughout the school year which the children have the opportunity to lead and participate in. As well as Special Feast days and Holy Days. Children sing hymns and learn prayers as well as listen and respond to the Word of God.


To learn more about how Religious Education is embedded across the curriculum and school life, please follow the links to:

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Our theme for RE week was Catholic Social Teaching. 

During the week, each class were given an amount of money from a recently held cake sale. Each class were given £10 from the money raised, then, voted on what they wanted to buy with their money from CAFOD World Gifts. Some year groups pooled their money to buy more expensive gifts. 

Together, we have bought many emergency water kits, multiple vegetable gardens, energy saving stoves,  two happy queen bees, keep clean kits, one period pack and one teach someone to read. 

The children enjoyed taking part in the voting process, linked to our British Values and it inspired many to think of other ways we can help others. 

Children and adults were very enthusiastic and are already looking forward to carrying out this initiative again next year.