At St Thomas More RC Primary School we aim to provide all children with access to as broad and balanced range of physical activities as possible and develop pupil’s sense enjoyment and well-being through regular exercise.

We want all children to engage and enjoy being and becoming increasingly fitter through extended exercise both in and outside school especially with a more sedentary and inactive modern day lifestyle that many have.

Children are encouraged to understand the competitive nature of some activities as well as being able to have fun through improvement of skills and games. We enter all Mini youth Games and Primary School Games Competitions to enable as many children as possible to take part in inter-school competition. We also run an active intra-school competition throughout the year.

Children are encouraged to take a sport leadership role within the school. Many become Sports Leaders, helping their peers to engage and enjoy activities during playtimes. Sports Captains are selected each year who help represent the school in inter-school competitions and help shape the choice of clubs and activities offered throughout the year. Reports are requiring written and delivered by participating children at the weekly celebration assembly.

All children are taught that being active can have a positive effect on their bodies and also that along with exercise, diet and lifestyle choices have a big impact on their health.

Children are actively encouraged to participate in clubs and sports outside school hours including sports clubs after school. Through sharing the achievements of individuals at our weekly celebration assembly, children have the chance to share what they do outside school with their peers.

Children are made aware of the many different sports clubs and active opportunities within the local area and community, enabling them to extend their engagement with physical activity beyond the school hours. Sporting guests are regularly invited into school to share their experiences and inspire the children.

Our Sports Crews are coming soon!

PE Newsletter Term 4