Phonics Curriculum

Phonics Curriculum Overview

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we are passionate about ensuring all children become enthusiastic, confident readers and writers. We aim to create a love of reading, writing and spelling through consistent, high quality teaching of phonics. We strongly believe that the use of systematic, synthetic phonics is the best way to teach children to read and write.

In order to deliver high quality lessons, we have chosen the Twinkl Phonics Scheme. Twinkl Phonics is a DfE validated full systematic, synthetic phonics scheme that contains everything teachers need to deliver phonics teaching to children from the very beginning of learning to read and write to full fluency. It delivers GPCs (Grapheme, Phoneme Correspondence) in a clear and rigorous way so that skills are built progressively over time, ensuring that children have a secure base from which to develop.



When a child memorises ten words, they can only read ten words. If a child learns the sounds of ten letters, they will be able to read: 350 three-sound words, 4320 four-sound words and 21650 five-sound words. - Martin Kozloff
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