Pastoral Support Manager

Hello my name is Jody Deamer, I am the Pastoral Support Manager/Family Liaison Officer here at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School and I have been at the school since March 2013.  My role has evolved a lot over the last few years but the main reason I was employed remains the same and that is to support all children, their families and staff at St Thomas More with anything that may be affecting their wellbeing/school life.  I have lived and worked in Medway all my life so feel that I have a good knowledge of the area, I am married and have 2 grown up children as well as many nieces and nephews who I am regularly called upon to look after in school holidays so, like most of you, I am still always on the lookout for free or affordable activities to keep children entertained! If you want to know a bit more about me you should consider joining one of my courses as I can often be found sharing embarrassing stories!

So what do I do each day? That is the million pound question, I try to be around the school site each morning to welcome the children in and be available for general catch ups but after that no two days are the same. My role is varied as I support and work closely with Mrs Austin (SENCO), I am also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and therefore work with Mrs Le Breton and Mrs Ebdon as part of the Safeguarding Team.  Ultimately, my role is to offer support to parents/carers with any issues relating to supporting children - the issues could be at home or school. I work closely with other agencies so will draw on this knowledge or sign post to the relevant agency to provide a more specific level of support if appropriate. Types of things I have experience of helping with, but not limited to are;

General low level behaviour, boundaries/choices/consequences

Change in family such as a new sibling or step parent

Parental separation


Financial difficulties/worklessness /DWP Support

Friendship worries, accessing new activities within the community

Special Educational Needs 

My intention is to help where I can so will always do my best to help, be it myself or by finding the right service/agency that can, or even just to be a listening ear in that moment when its needed.

Another part of my role is that I deliver a course called “The Nurturing Program”.  It’s a 10 week course that I run at least once a year and is one of the best parts of my job; it’s a course that helps us to understand children’s behaviour and our reactions as well as promoting emotionally healthy relationships.  Each time we have a group, we all learn something new and I usually say at least once a week, I wish I’d thought of/known that when my children were young.  As well as running this course, myself and Mrs Austin offer coffee mornings or information events to give parents and carers the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please do not hesitate to contact me -